ECM - Entity in Charge of Maintenance

Certification of entities in charge of maintenance

The certification of entities in charge of maintenance according to the Regulation (EU) No. 445/2011 ensures a safety maintenance of railway freight wagons. Furthermore, the certification provides an evidence of responsibility and traceability of the maintenance undertaken on freight wagons.

ERC GmbH is an accredited certification body in accordance with this regulation.

You will find the current ECM-certification bodies on ERADIS.

The certification of workshops undertaking maintenance of freight wagons is possible on a voluntary basis according to the ECM Regulation. However, it soon became apparent that a ECM Certification for workshops offers a lot of advantages and is also requested in the sector so that a lot of workshops became certified.

For ECMs and workshops of other vehicles a legal basis does not exist yet. Nevertheless the possibility to become certified on the basis of the ECM Regulation is becoming more and more interesting as an extension of the ECM Regulation on other vehicles can be expected in the near future.


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